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Mitigate Carpenter Bee Damage

By Linda Cottin |
Carpenter bees are harmless creatures, except for their habit of boring half inch wide tunnels into exposed wood on homes and other structures. Carpenter bees look like bumblebees, but with shiny, black bottoms. They are most active in April and May when they emerge from overwintering to mate and… Read More

Tree for Shade

By Cottins Hardware |
Spring is a great time to plant a tree for shade and savings. Trees not only increase the value of your property, but can also reduce energy costs by providing much needed summer shade. Step 1: Choose the right tree. Height, canopy spread, and hardiness should be taken… Read More

Eliminating Ants Inside

By Cottins Hardware |
About ants and eliminating Ants inside. When the ants come marching two-by-two, into your kitchen, “hurrah, hurrah” is most likely not the first phrase that comes to mind. With a little due diligence and some chemical intervention, you can fix your ant problem in no time. Step… Read More

To Seed or Not to Seed

By Cottins Hardware |
To seed or not to seed, that is the question. Spring is a great time to over seed an existing lawn. Sunshine is abundant in those normally shady spots and springtime rains assure an adequate supply of moisture. Spring is also the only time you can control crabgrass with… Read More

How to Build Window Boxes

By Cottins Hardware |
Window boxes can add charm and color to any structure on your property. Consider adding a window box to your home, garage or storage shed. Step 1: Choose a window that faces the south, east or west and measure the width of the window. … Read More

When to Fertilize Lawn

By Cottins Hardware |
To fertilize or not to fertilize… that is the question. Excessive fertilization is detrimental to your lawn, wastes money, causes pest problems and is bad for the environment. Knowing how and when to fertilize your yard is essential in creating a healthy lawn. Step 1: Test… Read More

Silent Lawn Care

By Cottins Hardware |
The silent whirr of a reel mower coupled with its fume free simplicity is often a good alternative to gas-powered lawn care. Step 1: Reel mowers don’t use gas or motor oil. They are easier to store than gas mowers and can be used in the early morning… Read More

How to Set a Fence Post

By Cottins Hardware |
Whether it is one post for a mail box or 100 posts for a fence, it is important to follow some simple steps when setting a wooden post in the ground. Step 1: Call 1-800-DIG-SAFE or dial 811 before you dig any hole. Depth and location of utility… Read More